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 Summer of Sales 


 Learn the art of selling so that you can make

 money & change lives while creating financial

 stability and abundance! 

Sick of feeling stuck? you don't know what to do day to day to grow your business.

Done struggling over the vicious cycle of making just enough...and POOF it's gone?

Oh and let me's time to retired that yucky feeling that's holding you back from going BIG in your business but you're not sure how...

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Looking at this picture of me (above) you might not think that I suffered for far too long trying to "make it work" while I dug my way out of a draining job (thank you network marketing for opening the door so I could leave) or as built my online coaching business that brought in over $100,000 my first year and saved my family from foreclosure and a $50,000 mountain of credit card and personal loan debts...BUT I DID!

And I'm here to tell you that my story of years of struggling doesn't have to be your story anymore!

 It will end this summer! 


The joy of understanding sales and why people do/don't buy is that your confidence is higher, selling becomes easier, your CASH IN HAND goes up, and the world becomes a better place!

Not to mention, you'll be crushing your goals, going after your dreams, and you'll even feel that feeling of freedom everyone is always talking about.

 Imagine this: 

Sell with ease

 Selling / Making money becomes easy when you (1) know what TO DO, (2) do it, and (3) have an abundance of money to show for it

During this mastermind you will learn the ins and outs, do's and don'ts, of selling -- the WHAT! 


>> This will make selling easy, like second nature to you.

>> You will increase your leads, conversion, clients/customers, and income!

>> Mastering selling will give you the upper hand in any situation!

>> You'll even learn what you need to do each day in order to grow your business, and convert your audience into buyers!

To help you reach your full potential and to take out all of the stops...this course includes:

A Private Facebook Group for networking, asking questions, betting supported and making sure that you are doing what needs to be done so that you can watch that money roll on in!

Pre-work to kick out the old/bad habits, and set the foundation for easy and fun sales! You can find this in the "learning" section in the FB Group.

Sales Trainings that can be found in the "learning" section of the FB Group. This gives you easy access, so you can study or freshen up wherever you are! ** Complete with slides, and homework.

Lifetime Access so you're never without the tools you need to understand and improve your sales. **Including call recordings

Mastermind Calls every Tuesday and Friday starting on 5/3/19 and ending on 6/18/19. During this time we will discuss our reading, all things sales (this is open coaching so ask questions!), and a time to plan and support each other!

BONUSES designed to open up more ways to increase leads and conversions while receiving money...with trainings such as, "Who to use DMs for Business", and "No More Payment Ghosting from Clients". (see  "learning" section in the FB Group.)

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SSM Details

 Here's a sneak peek for you!

(The Mastermind Handbook, some pre-work, a few of the bonuses, Worth It)

Mastermind Handbook

Mastermind Handbook

Pre-Work Training Series

Pre-Work Training Series

Bonus Training

Bonus Training

Another Bonus Training

Another Bonus Training

And another Bonus Training

And another Bonus Training

Our Mastermind Read

Our Mastermind Read

Maureen Casey Client Wins
Maureen Casey Clients Win 2
Monthly Payments

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Being on a radio show has been a dream c

I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Maureen Casey - Badass Mentor & Coach for ambitious work from home moms!

Running a business, being the wife that everyone bargs about, and raising world changers is a lot of work!

Thankfully it's work I enjoy!

My life wasn't always this way though.

Before I transformed myself into a total badass, I was broken, and hiding and so afraid of things staying the way they were!

I had to make a decision!

>> A decision to create a better life for myself and for my daughter (I was a single mom back then).

>> A decision to be fully in control of my finances!

>> A decision to chase what sets my soul on fire!

Making that decision lead me to a business that allowed my husband and I to retired from our demanding jobs and chase our dreams!

Now I coach full time and he's a media director.

What's your passion filled life look like?

Hey Gorgeous!


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