Sell Like a Queen

Let's make this short and sweet!


You have a business (coaching, network marketing, online boutique, etc...)  and you want more leads and sales! But then there's that slimy sales feeling!


You don't want to be spammy! And you sure as heck don't have time to be posting in 50 different groups, following up with every comment, making FB friends, AND keeping up with the algorithm changes!


Of course not! And you're not going to do it anyways! Right? Let's be honest!


So then what? How do you consistently generate leads, cut down your time, and become a new clients/customer magnet?!


>> I'm so glad you asked!



I have perfected a few different Facebook strategies that have helped me (and my clients) to:


>> build a network marketing business from scratch to 6 figures in less then 8 months


>> keeps my 1:1 coaching spots booked year round


>> not be glued to social media or follow up (I mean...there's still follow up but no chasing involved)


>> free up my time so I can do things I actually enjoy like read, shop, and nap!



You see, I've been in sales a long time and we're not talking just retail! I started selling cars at 18 and it was my FAVORITE job!!


But sales goes deeper then being a good closer! Over the years I've learned the importance of building relationships, showing value, and educating!


Sales start with your mindset in the morning and end with your attitude at night!


It's not one-sided, and it works different;y for everyone!


That's why I'm teaching adaptable techniques and strategies during this 6 week program that will allow you to:

*attract leads through your Facebook posts

*turn leads into prospects

*use Facebook groups (your's and other's) to scale fast

*feel like the QUEEN of sales at all times

*use the LOA (Law of Attraction) to your business's advantage and not just for money!


In addition you will learn the latest about:

>> the FB algorithms and how to hack them so your engagement and sales don't suffer


>> attraction marketing that works


>> writing copy that sells


>> showcasing your value without selling your soul!




Oh but that's not all! This is a hybrid group so in addition to ALL of this juicy, delicious, sales queen material/trainings/content you also get THREE fourty-five minute 1:1 strategy sessions with me! And I have built in bonuses so you get the most out of ever week!


Here's how it works:


Week 1

Start! Wednesday 4/11: Live training on FB algorithms and how to hack them


Saturday 4/14: Live training on using the LOA on your FB, creating content, gaining momentum, and suggested personal/business development.



Week 2

Wednesday 4/18: Writing copy & your unique selling proposition.


Saturday 4/21: FB group strategies to help you scale your business fast!



Week 3

1:1 calls from 4/23 to 4/28

*Link will be posted in the group with instruction during week 2 so you can get scheduled!*


Saturday 4/28: BONUS - Reaching & Keeping Affluent Clients!



Week 4

Wednesday 5/2: Attraction leads through FB Posts


Saturday 5/5: Turning those leads into prospects



Week 5

1:1 calls from 5/7 to 5/11

*Link will be posted in the group with instruction during week 4 so you can get scheduled!*


Saturday 5/11: BONUS - LOA: How to get what you want in your business (and not just money)!



Week 6

1:1 calls from 5/14 to 5/18

*Link will be posted in the group with instruction during week 5 so you can get scheduled!*


Saturday 5/18: Showcasing your value and story selling.






If you're ready to become a Selling Queen and totally rock your sales in 2018 then let's do this!


I'm holding space for you and I'm ready to help you rock your business in the up and coming 6 weeks we'll be working together!


>> Did I mention that you have unlimited access to me in our private FB group AND via FB messenger from the time you sign up until the course is over?! <<



Here's how you get started:


1. Choose your payment option

>> Join during Early Bird (ends 3/31) to get full access to our Girl's Weekend where you'll learn about "seductive selling", being Bold and Sexy, and revealing the power of being a woman so that you can own your business like never before!


2. Check your email (you should see a welcome email within 24 hours)


3. Join the group and let's begin!

Originally $1,200 but this course is about to go into the vault so you, my dear, get it for $645 off!!!

One Pay BONUS:

Care package fit for a Queen!

We're talking pamper, relax, love and take care! Besides...who doesn't love "happy mail"?!

Meet Maureen

I'm a mom, wife, certified life coach, online business strategist, dog lover, and self proclaimed Attraction Marketing Queen who also happens to be a certified nutritionist with a BA in Business Management and am in the process of a BA in Communication!

I know! It's a lot! Those don't even include my state licenses!

Here's the deal though...I'm a scholar! I love to learn and will never stop learning!

I spend my time serving others, and helping people make more money!

I grew up poor! And I mean poor! I've been homeless, lived out of my parent's car, moved in the middle of the night because rent hadn't been paid in "God knows how long" and have gone hungry many times!

My parents were hard working, blue color folk...we just fell at the bottom of the lower class.

I found myself as a broke, depressed, single-mom, just looking for a reason to live!

And that's when I decided to take control of my life!

I decided to change!

And from that moment on, I WAS someone else! And I've never looked back!

Now I'm happily married to the love of my life, with a beautiful daughter that doesn't know a single struggle, and a lifestyle fit for a queen! Or at least for this queen!

I've grown my business from scratch to multiple 6 figures and before I did that I grew my network marketing business to 6 figures!

I coach because I know that ANYTHING is possible and I want to help direct people down that path!

As for the current...I enjoy regular naps, having fun, reading, hanging out with my clients and friends, and coaching!

Man oh man do I love to teach!

I'm not your average girl though, I've been told I'm a fire cracker, a rebel at heart, and even a wild one but the truth is, most people will never has as much passion as I do so they simply don't understand!

But you're different!

You're here because you have a vision and you're ready to go out there and show the world that you're here to stay!

I commend you for that! And I can't wait to start working with you!

XO Maureen Casey

Attraction Marketing Queen