Money in the bank


"Where do you see yourself when you grow up?"


Retired, traveling the world, still makin' bank and probably looking a lot like this!

I decided to create "Money in the Bank" for three main reasons...


I used to be so frustrated about how easy it was for everyone else to be making good money online and I want to help other women break through that!


It took me a long time to understand the balance between my physical work, and my inner work and how to utilize both of them in order to maximize my income...and there's a lot of women out there who are still struggling with this!


I make everything so freaking simple! I mean why not let it be easy?! Why not have your cake & eat it too and then wash it down with your beverage of choice? (Mine is a Mawscal Mule with Deep Eddie's grapefruit Vodka at the moment!)

My intention for you by taking this course...


You will confidently be able to create money whenever you want/need it!


You will have a killer High-End Offer ($3k or more) completely designed and ready to go! (that means sales page, content, applications, etc...)


You will have a strategy to share your offer and you'll use it!


You will have identified and started working through what's holding you back from creating BIG cash months!


You will embrace what lights you up and learn how to create from a place of fulfillment.

How this course will work:


Trainings will be provided via pre-recorded audios and/or videos (study on your time)


Individual comment support for each moduel


Structure designed to set you up for step by step success

Course Outline:

Week 1:

High Ticket Mindset


Fun and Fulfillment

Week 2:

Money energy and programming

Week 3:

Create Your Strategy


Effective content basics

Week 4:

Creating your high ticket offer

Week 5 & 6:


During these 2 weeks, you will have daily direction & tasks to help you sell, sell, sell!


1. Double your profits in 30 days challenge (self-study)

2. Creating a digital course (self-study)

3. Attracting paying clients through personal embodiment (self-study)


Additional Info:

You have lifetime access to ALL the trainings provided


Support and feedback will be provided in each section


Homework each week/training to help make a permanent change or create results.


Q1 Enrolment open now!

Are you ready for Money in the Bank?

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3 payments of $388


Payton Dale

Maureen is the perfect coach if you're looking for someone that feels like a best friend coming to give you some tough love about getting real about your life! I loved her personable nature, and the fact that she was so dedicated to me as a client that she called me on the day of her sister's wedding to make sure I was following through! Hire her. You won't regret it.

Stefanie Sobinovsky

I have been working with Maureen this past month and it has totally changed the level of my life. From our very first session I instantly felt so much more motivated and inspired and actually booked 5 clients the very next morning!!! Signing up for one of her coaching packages was the best thing I have done for myself and my business, so excited to see where she takes me!

but wait...

Are you


If you're looking for top-level service, support, and accountability...then VIP is for you!


My VIP clients have full access to me for 60 days via Voxer!


We will chat regularly!


That means:

>> When you're having a bad day...I want to hear about it!


>> When you're feeling stuck...I'm going to help you through it


>> When you're not taking action...I'm going to remind you!


Every stop you can think of while you're launching your high-end offer...I'm going to be here to help you through it!

60 Days of coaching when you need it!

Full access to the entire course!

We'll work through your blocks in real time! No more waiting!

All of our conversations (voice and txt) will be compiled into a document for you to keep forever!

You'll be held to a VIP level that will show up in your business!

Individualized attention and adjustments!

No room to play small!

Result potencey!


Stefanie went VIP and booked 5 clients the day after our very first call!


Marissa went VIP and make $15,000 cash with her first high-end launch!


Stacy went VIP and ended up saving her marriage and getting her husband to back her and her business!


Christina went VIP and completely transformed her business due to discovering and working through some deep shit that ended up being teachable for her business and clients!


Jessica went VIP, launched her signature course, and now sells it with ads and is making $33,000+ each month! (passive income in the bank ya'll!)

If you're ready to make $10k, $15k, $20k or more then VIP is the tool to set you up and allow you to have the support and guidance you want that will truly elevate you and hold you to that higher standard!


Here's your opportunity to work with me at the highest level for 60 days!

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4 payments of $588


Who is

 Maureen Casey?

I am an innovator leading the revolution of fulfilled woman all around the world!

This journey started when I had lost all hope for living a fulfilled life. At the time I was a 20-year-old single mother who knew nothing more than how to work endless hours and be exhausted!

I hit my rock bottom and then rebuilt my life with passion, purpose, and fulfillment at the heart of everything I did!

Now I am honored to lead the revolution of women who have decided to take their power back by living a life where they too put passion, purpose, and fulfillment at the forefront, allowing them to go further in their careers, cultivate stronger & healthier relationships, and bring up the future of tomorrow with balance and poise!

My biggest accomplishments are the lives I get to impact through my work, and by living out my purpose!

Every "Thank you" letter, email, and text I receive, every sobbing phone call, or heartfelt voice memo, is better than receiving a Grammy or Nobel Peace Prize! My heart fills with joy every time and I am reminded that the work I do changes the world one life at a time!

My focus is to change the world one amazing woman at a time through my digital courses, group mentoring, and private clients!

I take every opportunity with pride and pour my heart and soul into all the work I do!

I can't wait to see how that work will impact your life!