Turning on the Lights


Hey there BADASS!!


It's time to stop the kidding yourself!


It’s time to end the FANTASY that things are going to change without you actively changing them!!

And it’s time to turn on the fucking lights. 


If you don't wake up from this craziness you are going to die without having ever turned on the lights for real.


Do you want that?!


I damn sure don't want that for you!


That's why I've made it real easy!!

I'm offering you a 75% discount on my 10-Day Turning on the Light goal setting course.



It's time to make a decision.

It's time to choose life.

It's time to press play.


Turning on the Lights is 10-Days of IN YOUR FACE TRUTH & AND ACTION goal setting course, delivered via audio training straight to your inbox starting tomorrow morning, to get you into IMMEDIATE action to help you create the life you were born to live!


Do you realize you were born with a purpose?

Do you realize God has a plan for your life?

Do you realize you are full of fucking magic that nobody else on this planet but YOU has, but also that if you don't actively commit and then follow through then NEITHER WILL YOU? :O


And if you're not taking action then YOU AIN'T CREATING IT and YOU really need to wake the fuck up BECAUSE THIS IS NOT HOW YOU CAME HERE TO LIVE.


Turning on the Lights is only 10 days!! That's all you have to commit to!


10 days of waking up and doing the work!

10 days of listening to a short training and following the journaling and action exercise!

10 days of life-changing, light turning on, ACTION!!!


Are you ready?!


It's yours!




 ...I am so happy we found each other Maureen Nicole Casey. I've been hoping for a mindset coach because I've got some serious deep seeded issues that I know are in my way. For the first time I truly BELIEVE I'm going to bust through them. Thanks for being you! You're no bullshit and I'm no bullshit. I love it! Makes me feel safe lol - Gina Lamber | Life Coach