The Art of Arrows is a short video series for anyone feeling off balance or like your small, day-to-day tasks are holding you back.


I created the Art of Arrows so you can quickly and effectively create a life that just makes sense FOR YOU!

Have you ever wished that you had the blueprint to your life so that it doesn’t feel like such a struggle to figure out what’s best for you and those you love?

I know I have!

I spent years feeling like I was walking through mud every day. I was tired, overwhelmed, and felt like there were a million things to do but no time left to do them. It was a constant uphill battle. As if I was working against myself and I didn't even know it.

I would constantly wonder things such as:

Why doesn’t this diet work for me?

How come I only feel like this when I’m at the store?

How come I only finish certain things I start?

Why is this so hard?

I was struggling with just maintaining everyday order and balance. It felt like my happiness and fulfillment were on the backburner.


Realizing that - owning it... that waste beginning of a new life!


I dropped everything one day and dug out some teachings I had been studying 4 years ago - Gene Keys and Human Design.


Immediately pulled my chart, wrote out a full report on myself, and committed to making daily shifts that would make life easy!

Now my life is totally different!

I operate from my strengths and allow support in areas that

drain my energy. I honor my design and now life works for me!

I started eating like my arrow suggested and lost 13lbs in 1 month without any extreme measures or changes! just one shift!

All of the sudden I was happy and there was purpose in tasks that I steered away from before.

And best of all, I know without a question what I need to do to achieve anything because at any time I can look back at my chart be reminded of exactly who I am and whom I was designed to be!

Right now I have 3 ways you can elevate your life into ease and flow with just a few simple shifts!

It's as easy as saying yes to dessert at your favorite restaurant! You will be feeling refreshed in no time!

I have created these tiers so that you can move at your own pace and get exactly what you need, when you need it!

The Art of Arrows is where you will discover the 4 Human Design chart arrows that will guide you through how to operate within your absorption (of information, food, and so on), awareness, environment, and perspective.

This short video series is designed to give you bites size pieces of information to help you understand where to find this information AND how it applies to your life!

I've also included an eBook and an implementation challenge to help you really take action and shift your life for the better!

Your Natural Best is a customized human design experience that expands on your natural gifts and why people are attracted to you (energetically) so that you can walk in confidence knowing you are tapping into your true, full potential.

You will receive short audios & videos for each of your defined centers and information on how you can apply them in your life plus a downloadable eBook that goes over these gifts plus has some tips and what's you can easily integrate the real you into your life again.

Shift with me is your chance to work with me behind the scenes for 30 over Voxer where we and walkie-talkie back and forth day after day as you dive deeper into your Human Design and how to apply these newfound strengths into your day to day life!

I will be there to talk you through the tough days and the confusing moments as well as to laugh over the day to day and talk about what's really going on!

On top of spending 30 days with me, you'll be able to get full access to The Art of Arrows and you'll receive Your Natural Best!

This is truly the all-inclusive treatment!

If you want to Shift with ME on a payment plan then just click here.
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I'm the coach you fire when you're ready to leave the bullshit behind and fully step into your power!


I believe in operating from a place of natural strength rather than forcing yourself to do the work that makes you "good enough" or "worthy"!

With my clients, we focus on THEM -- their impact and how they are being/have been conditioned by the world.

This work isn't just a tool to me. Human Design is a way of life, an answer key, my guide to ever decision I will ever make!

It saved me from debilitating anxiety, allows me to co-parent with understanding, and leaves room to flow!

Let me show you how amazing it is to just be you with no strings attached!