6 month All Inclusive

Coaching Experience

Payment Plan Examples

Example 1:

$1,700 - deposit

$1,633 - first month

$3,333 - preceding 5 months

I have been working with Maureen this past month and it has totally changed the level of my life. From our very first session I instantly felt so much more motivated and inspired and actually booked 5 clients the very next morning!!! Signing up for one of her coaching packages was the best thing I have done for myself and my business, so excited to see where she takes me! 

Stefanie Sobinovsky, OH, Owner of Cru - A Fashion Agency​

Example 2:

$7,000 - down payment

$2,600 - preceding 5 months

Maureen came into my life at the exact time I needed a boost. She knows her shit, is knee deep in business building and since working with her I literally make money every day. Hire her, you know you want to. This is the sign you've been looking for.

Stephanie Churma, Canada, Owner of The Good Love Company

Example 3:

$3,000 - down payment

$1,111 - preceding 16 bi-weekly payments

**This client agreed to an extended payment plan of $2,222/month after her deposit and split the payment in two causing a bi-weekly payout. 


Hands down the best life coach in the area! Maureen's coaching helped me and my business overcome a plethora of obstacles! I'm so glad to have the woman in my life! Highly recommend her if you plan on taking your business or life to the next level!!! Thank you for everything Maureen!

Nora Escobedo-Sanchez, OK, Owner of Royal Insurance & 6 Figure Network Marketing Professional