1:1 Coaching Experience!



Here's what I live by! This is my core! If you want to know how I coach...this is what you need to know about me:


"I stand for no bullshit! I hate the 'politically correct', beating around the bush, sugar coating crap! Just say what you mean and be true to yourself!! I cannot stand for or agree with anything that tears people down! No shaming! I really believe in love being enough for the world. Love a little more, and the world will heal itself. I really wish people understood their power, their worth, their purpose! If I only had 6 months to live I would make sure everyone knew they were loved and worth so much more then they allow themselves to have!"

- an exert from my senior speech 



Before we even begin we're going to talk about what you want...your goals and dreams and then we're going to put together a plan because I believe in results and I want to be a part of you accomplishing your's!




>> Coaching with me is lighthearted, fun, and productive! Though I'm a certified coach, I'm a strategist at heart which is great for you because I can not only help you look within and figure things out but I can also help you develop your own methods of execution that feel good, are in alignment, fulfill your passion, and serve your clients!



For me, it's not just about how I can help you, but how I can help you help your clients, customers, and anyone else in your life to your fullest! 



We're talking massive shifts in perspective and energy, constant and easy income, referral after referral, and just an all-around better way to be doing business!


You should really only be working a few hours each day. The time for 9-5 structure is out the window!


You're in control! You make the rules! You get to have whatever you want! And that doesn't include scrolling through your social media platforms for hours on end trying/hoping/praying/begging to find that "next" client or million dollar idea!


Your time is NOW!


Quit wasting it! Your future isn't on pause! You're creating it right now as you're reading this! Every action you take is another brick laid!

Maureen came into my life at the exact time I needed a boost. She knows her shit, is knee deep in business building and since working with her I literally make money every day. Hire her, you know you want to. This is the sign you've been looking for.

Stephanie Churma | The Good Love Co. | Canada

Hands down the best life coach in the area! Maureen's coaching helped me and my business overcome a plethora of obstacles! I'm so glad to have the woman in my life! Highly recommend her if you plan on taking your business or life to the next level!!! Thank you for everything Maureen!

Nora Escobedo-Sanchez | Insurance Agent | United States

Maureen is the perfect coach if you're looking for someone that feels like a best friend coming to give you some tough love about getting real about your life! I loved her personable nature, and the fact that she was so dedicated to me as a client that she called me on the day of her sister's wedding to make sure I was following through! Hire her. You won't regret it.

Payton Dale | The Payton Project | United States

I create custom packages starting at $3,500 that are tailored to the level of support you desire.

(calls as needed, behind the scene projects, in person intensives and weekend getaways, etc...)

To interview me to see if I'm a good fit for what you're goals are...go ahead and book a Transparency Call with me right now! It's all on your terms!

Here is a little insight into my most popular packages though:

Looking for a customized package? Schedule a Transparency call and we'll build one together that works for both of us!