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My Badass Life

6 week transformation



What's blocking you from being

who you were born to be?!



Insight & know how/how to's--

Come back to who you truly are

and stand in that truth proudly!


Standing still sucks:

Understanding why you're stuck.

Breaking down the components

that make you feel stuck.


How to:

Find what's next/ what steps you

should take next.


Face your fears:

Dive head first into fears and

solutions so you can always

overcome them!


Winning for a living:

Mastering the mindset of

winning and practical ways

to achieve your dreams.



This course includes:

Daily journaling

Access to each training for a life time

Private Facebook Group


Value: OVER $4,520


Bonus Trainings:

Dealing with Problems

Effective journaling and mindset work

How to meditate with ease effectively


Value: OVER $1,280


Basic course value:



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