Be Your Own Kind Of Bad A$$!!

beacuse anything else is unacceptable

One of the worst feelings I've ever had to deal with is that deep pitted one that tells you there's more out there, the one that makes you sick for being so "ungrateful" and longing for something bigger. Do you know the one I'm talking about?


Of course you do! You're driven! And for us things are different!


Goals are really just check points and as soon as we get there we're ready for the next adventure!


And though I know this, the feeling still makes me revert back to "fitting in" and shying away from my purpose because it all seems too BIG at times!


I used to be lost, confused, and looking for direction because I wasn't listening to myself or even allowing myself to be noticed!


The good news is that I worked my ass off and finally realized that I had those feelings to push me into my purpose not to hold me back from it!


>> And the same goes for you! <<


That's why I took action! MASSIVE ACTION! and changed my entire world!


Now I wake up every day to do what I love most -- Helping woman drop the bullshit (excuses, lie, fears, blocks, etc...) and own up to the badass they really are -- and I do so unapologetically!


Along the way I've perfected and continue to improve in some areas that I believe are KEY to my success!


I live life on purpose!

I'm always dreaming and forward thinking!

I'm bold and totally authentic!

I've faced my fears and continue to do so daily!

I make room for what matters most in my life WITHOUT giving anything else up!

And I only work with my soulmate clients!!

I never waiver or make exceptions! My standards are my standards!


And because of this mindset and these elements, I have been able to do a lot of good in this world!


Not only have I helped my clients do things like building their network marketing team by 14 people in a month, have their first EVER $4k day, double their prices TWICE in just 3 months (making their entry-level package the same prices as what their monthly income was before working together), but I've had these same kind of results myself!


I used to charge $25/hour and now I'm selling $20,000 packages like their cool (because they are)!


My husband and I went from being $28K in debt to being debt free, paying all of our bills early, AND now living the life we always dreamed of!


I used to spend countless hours away, or doing all the "things" that "had to be done" (you know...scrolling through FB & IG aimlessly, or pretending to do laundry) and now I work 3 to 5 hours a day...and 3 of those are personal development hours...the other 1 to 2 are client calls!


I never have to chase down clients! They come to me!


Follow up and "cold messaging" is easy because I have a purpose and that purpose is to serve them not to sell them!!


I'm telling you! My whole world has changed because of the very things I'm going to share with you in this 24 day intensive! (With the bonus trainings you'll be all set up for one kickass month!!)



This WILL change your life!



I believe in results! I believe in massive action! I believe in changing lives!!!




During these 3 weeks, you will personally grow, you'll start calling in your soulmate clients and tribe, you'll create & launch new content to your empire, and build a bulletproof / no bull shit mindset that will take you to all of your next levels...and BEYOND!!!





And what we'll be covering:


**Sign Up**



(Getting started)


**BONUS** Make Room!

(Let's clear space to grow!)


Heart's Song!

(Getting clear on your purpose and living it out!)


Go BIG or Go Home!

(It's time to dream and work for your next level!)



Be BOLD | Be Wonderful | Be You

(It's time to OWN your inner badass!!!)


**BONUS** Attraction Marketing

(Calling in your soulmate clients, loyal followers, and people who actually WANT to buy from you!)


EVERY DAY you will have mindset work, journaling, and actions to take!





**On top of having access to this course for life, you will also have access to me for support in the group from the time you sign up until 2/28/19 and I encourage you to share your journey in my Facebook group for...forever!!




*This course is not for everyone!!



Are you ready?!



- What to expect -

Your purpose and soulmate clients identified DONE!

Channeling your inner badass DONE!

Engaging content DONE!

Authentic vulnerability DONE!

More clients DONE!

More money DONE!

Healthy boundaries and a sane business DONE!

Productivity and autopilot DONE!




Plus the absolute certainty of what it takes and what you need to do every single day to continue to grow your business!!



-Total Value-


3 week personalized intensive mastermind

{this is seriously fucking priceless}


Daily trainings

{$275 x 24 = $6,600}


Worksheets and sales activities

{$150 x 24minimum = $3,600}


24/7 mastermind forum, networking, and support

{ummm...HELL YA!!!}


Bonus content

{$275 x 2 = $550}



{$275 x 5 = $1,375}





Discounts on future packages

{hundreds if not thousands of dollars!}


Total Value: $12,322 +++!!!


Total Coast: not even close to this!!


   So what have people said about previous intensives?


Me to a former intensive:

What do you want for your business? Are you ready to set the bullshit aside and get results?


IF you are, then this intensive IS for you!


Program Format:


This is an interactive course based off of a live program I have previously ran.


**The trainings were recorded live**


I will be showing up daily to hold you accountable, support you, encourage you, and answer any questions you may have!


How it works:


1. Prework - This is designed to help clear some things out within you so that we can receive the trainings and get the best results.


2. Weekly trainings - These are "overviews" of what that week's focus is.


3. Daily Audio - (optional) These are recorded trainings that are paired with your elaboration of each topic in the weekly training. *You do not have to listen to the daily training if you don't want to but these will help you maximize your results!


4. Accountability threads - These are daily check-ins I will do in the group to answer any questions, provide feedback, and so on.


5. Bonus Trainings - These are videos I've made to give you the leading edge! These will take what you learn in this course and catapult you above and beyond to ensure your success!






This Intensive is worth well over $12,322!!!


But I decided to make this decision painless because I know how much your life will change by showing up and completing all the work!

BUT WAIT!!! TRUE BADASS FASHION...I want to personally invite you to become a BADASS V.I.P with me and just 9 other totally fucking awesome people!!!


--> 10 spots still available <--


RIGHT NOW you can upgrade to my BVIP and get:


1. (3) 45 min 1:1 sessions with me (normally $990)


2. Unlimited messenger support for 60 days (normally $1300 value)


3. 6-month access to my training arsenal - this is a membership site where all of my best business, personal, and spiritual trainins are kept for my private clients! (normally $720)




This is an additional value of $3,010!!



No worries though, I had YOU in mind!


$1187 gives you access to EVERYTHING! That's right! $1187!!! Or 3 monthly payments of $399!


A 24 day intensive, plus 3 private coaching session, 2 months of unlimited coaching and support via messanger, AND 6 month's access to my private coaching training area for just $1187!


I must have lost my mind coming up with this offer but you're totally worth it!!

...someone booked a session with me today! This is all really working!! Knowing the power behind what I have to offer has been super helpful in reaching out to people. And now I know how to make it even more targeted after watching day 6. So yeah, let's keep going!

Melanie Heidorn, Yogi & Children's Riki Healher

Live streams typically make me nervous...idk why but I decided to take Maureen's advice and do a live stream. I'm glad I did becuase my first video got over 4k views and my business really gained momentum!



Taking action truly works. I'm just waiting for the clients to start rolling in....I feel them coming.

Lakisha Corbett

Mindset Coach

Woke up early to do my journaling and catch up on emails.

Before noon, I manifested a $1000 day.
And it's not even over yet.

Thanks, universe! And thanks, Maureen!

Payton Dale

Celebrity Stylist

I could hand you keys to my White Lexus NX Sport with the red leather and turbocharged engine and you'd be excited! That's the problem! People are more worried about having "things" then they are about learning how I am able to have those things!


My business didn't just hit success overnight! I worked for it! I have slaved, and anguished, read a book every 3 days for the last 4 years, been to numerous trainings, invested tens of thousands of dollars in order to get to where I am, and all people care about is, "can they drive my car."


Until you're ready to learn, take advice, and actually follow the system, you're merely getting by!


It's time you decide! What will it be?


Invest in yourself and learn how to be better, make more money, and go further ...




...take what you can and run?


If you're ready to make a decision to that will propel you forward in your business, you should look into my intensive! It starts soon and your world will change! You will see so many things in a brand new light!! You'll learn a lot! And if you take action, like instructed, then you will also move your way up!


I'm excited for you! I'm excited about your future! And I'm excited that you'll be buying your own dream car soon!



Dreams really do come true when you work hard, learn constantly, and take action!


Are you ready?!

About Me:


I am an innovator leading the revolution of fulfilled woman all around the world!


This journey started when I had lost all hope for living a fulfilled life. At the time I was a 20-year-old single mother who knew nothing more than how to work endless hours and be exhausted!


I hit my rock bottom and then rebuilt my life with passion, purpose, and fulfillment at the heart of everything I did!


Now I am honored to lead the revolution of women who have decided to take their power back by living a life where they too put passion, purpose, and fulfillment at the forefront, allowing them to go further in their careers, cultivate stronger & healthier relationships, and bring up the future of tomorrow with balance and poise!


My biggest accomplishments are the lives I get to impact through my work, and by living out my purpose!


Every "Thank you" letter, email, and text I receive, every sobbing phone call, or heartfelt voice memo, is better than receiving a Grammy or Nobel Peace Prize! My heart fills with joy every time and I am reminded that the work I do changes the world one life at a time!


My focus is to change the world one amazing woman at a time through my digital courses, group mentoring, and private clients!


I take every opportunity with pride and pour my heart and soul into all the work I do!


I can't wait to see how that work will impact your life!







What if I don't have a business?

>> This program isn't just for business owners! You will still be able to participate daily/weekly and apply what you learn towards your job, and your relationship, making you a steller AND FULFILLED mom, wife, employee, coworker, friend, sister, etc...


How much time will be required of me? 

>> I highly recommend putting aside 30 minutes/day to do the work, however, there will be days where you spend more time on things such as, doing something you've been wanting to do but haven't made the time for.


Will I really make money by doing this course? 

>> ABSOLUTELY! If you have a product or service to sell, you show up and do the trainings/work, and you set the WILL happen!​