Let's be honest...



+ Not having to hunt for leads online

+ Having people reach out to you

+ Having people sold on you before they even get to your sales page

+Hitting 6-Figures in the next 12 months


You're ready for you!

You can see it, feel it...all that time you'll get back so that you can do the things you really want to do like take a bath, go for a walk, visiting the kids at school for lunch, etc...


This cat and mouse game isn't for you anymore!


You're ready to create consistent income with room to grow so that you can make more money and have more freedom year after year!

12 weeks.


That's what it will take!


In 12 weeks I will:

>> Teach you how to write content that will bring paying clients to you so that you can change lives and make money while you're out living your life!


>> Teach you how to enhance your sales skills as an influencer so that you don't have to cold-message, or feel pushy/sleazy ever again just to help someone get what they need from you.


>> Teach you the strategy and soul behind effortless sales so that you can sleep easy knowing that you're not online aligned but energetically charged in your business!


Because after all..."sales" is just an energetic exchange of money for your expertise.


I'm considering this 12-week program a Mastermind because of the powerful dynamic I have created for us in this experience!


Not only do you get 12 weeks of video trainings to help you with your Influential Sales skills but you also get weekly group coaching calls and an accountability partner to help you implement what you'll be learning and to encourage and support you during our time together!


I want this high-level experience for you because it was a program similar to this that allowed me to know what it was like to work with high-level women and to really chance my dreams while being supported and encouraged!


This is exactly what you will want in order to hit 6-figures in the next 12 months!

Personally, I hate that so few women are able to financially support themselves and their families with an online business simply because they lack sales skills and confidence!


I'm on a mission to help more female entrepreneurs create financial freedom online so that they can live out their purpose, do it with passion, and achieve at a higher potential!


I want you to be able to sell your offers and services with passion, and confidence, and the power of science in order to achieve your deepest desires! 


It kills me to think that there's a woman out there with so much potential and something so great to share with her audience and yet it's coming off flat and not engaging the right people leaving her bank account dwindling day by day.


And that's why this course and every woman in it are so important to me!


How it works:


  • You will get instant access to your bonuses as well as the course system!

  • Weekly training videos and audios will be automatically available to you each week. These trainings are jam-packed with techniques, tools, hacks, strategies, mindset, and so on. I have divided them into smaller sections so that you're not stuck watching an hour-long training each week and so that it's easier for you to refer back to in the future

  • Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom so that I can answer all of your questions about that week and guide you into your most fulfilling life yet

  • Weekly workbooks for your convenience

  • Resource links will be added as they come up so that you can have easy access to them



Our Focus:


To make sales feel good and easy so that you can spend less time struggling to get your products & services bought and more time doing what lights you up!

Payton Dale

That Payton Project

It is Monday, which I absolutely used to hate...I'm returning the stuff from yesterday's photo shoot, I'm going to meet with a new client for styling her photoshoot and then I booked one this morning just kind of on a whim...your constant support and constant staying on top of me, making me stay on top of my game, and just your work, in general, has made me feel like an incredible badass that can take over the world and I'm just so incredibly grateful for this gift because I've had it in me all along and I know I've had it in me all along. It's just so terrifying to owner your inner badass and I'm just so grateful! This is the best month I have ever had financially EVER, not even considering day jobs! I have made more money this month working for myself then I have ever made in my life!

This course isn't just another sales course...


This a Sales Mastermind and it gives people permission to be energized by their business as well as their family!


This Mastermind helps women fulfill their financial desires so that they can have the impact they desire on the world!


This Mastermind is for you if:


  • You're a female

  • You're an online business owner

  • You have ever felt like bashing your head against something because you just caught yourself aimlessly scrolling without making any meaningful connections

  • You have ever wondered what "they have" that's allowing them to make bookooes of bucks while you're doing "all the things" yet nothing seems to be working

  • If you're ready to take action in your manifesting instead of waiting around for the money to drop from the sky!



There are 3 ways for you to join us in this mastermind! Pick the one that's best for you and let's get started making money!


Paid in Full (1).png
Paid in Full.png
Paid in Full (2).png

YES!!! You will have lifetime access to the trainings, workbooks, and group call recordings.




Can I go back and watch things from the course later?  



How will we receive the weekly trainings?

As soon as you pay for your spot you will be redirected to set up an account. That gives you access to the digital course where new trainings will automatically drop each Monday starting April 1st. I will also send you an email reminder every Sunday. 

Can I pay my payment plan off early?

Of course! All you have to do is send me an email letting me know that you want to do that and I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

Does this come with a guarantee?

I guarantee that if you do the work and you keep doing the work and you don't get distracted then you'll easily make over $100,000 in the next year but not everyone will do that. Not everyone will finish all the trainings. Not everyone will implement the work. Not everyone will stay consistent. That's why there is no guarantee, no money back, nothing like that. This course is designed to teach you. The information without action is useless. It's what you do with this information that will make you dangerous(ly wealthy)!

When will our group coaching calls be?

I will take a survey of everyone's time zones and best days and times to do the group calls and then I will rotate through the best times for the majority each week. The recording will be available within 24 hours and everyone will keep lifetime access to them.

About Me.png

"My mission is simple: I'm here to help driven women embrace who they really are at their core so they can create the life they want without feeling bad about it."

-Maureen Casey



Your "about me" is supposed to start off with something badass! We're talking totally epic so that the reader knows you're as amazing as coming home to a clean kitchen where the fresh, Monday night pizza is waiting for you to take your shows and bra off, put on some comfy clothes, and dig in!


But I don't like that!


I don't care that I was able to hit 6-figures in under a year when I was just 23 and was starting out as a new coaching in this online world!


I don't care that I was the sole provider form my family for over a year as was able to pay off $20k of debt and got us caught up on all of our bills, and still managed to be a BOSS...bitch!


What I care about it you!


I care about your results! I care about what you're doing to get better every day!


I care about your mental health and how to best help you increase profitability while not losing time with your family...unless that's your goal then we'll go ahead and fill your time with other things. ;)


I learned a long time ago that my results do NOT guarantee or dictate anyone elsen's results in ANY way!


So ya...I'm really cool!


Like gangster rap in the Starbucks line and shamelessly singing every word at the top of my lungs because that's the best 2 minutes of freedom I've had so far today!





Some say I'm an innovator!


And I guess I am!


I break the rules, do things my way, and never back down!


My business is one of passion!


Finding your passion! Living with passion! Expressing passion! Embodying passion!


So, of course, I'm passionate about taking driven women, who behind the scenes are really stressed out moms and wives, out of the cluster F#%$ and into the fresh air that is a fulfilling life and business!


For me that means:

Profitable business

Tools, resources, know-how = Confidence

Business/MomLife balance

Time to do what I want (and what I need)


What does living in fresh air mean to you?